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                  2020_Smart_HomeAt this year’s CES, CommScope will be in Las Vegas to share our vision for tomorrow’s connected consumer experience with our customers from around the world.

                  The landscape has changed. Networks are faster, growing more complex and interconnected by the day. So are devices. And the services that bring them all together are more intelligent and demanding than ever. That’s why we’ve realigned our business, empowering our global customers to transform the way consumers connect with their digital lives—at home, at work, in public, and on the move.

                  We’re leveraging 5G and new spectrum. We’re innovating around advertising in entertainment. We’re accelerating cloud-based network management. We’re reducing network latency. We’re bringing the fastest, most intelligent Wi-Fi? to homes around the world. We’re also making those homes smarter, and we’re doing the same for cities.

                  This is how we’re powering progress.?

                  At CES, in a private suite, CommScope subject matter experts will share our latest technology solutions for enabling services of the future. We’ve organized our portfolio demonstrations into four key experience areas that address tomorrow’s most compelling consumer use cases:

                  CLICK TO TWEET:? Charles Cheevers explains how CommScope will share its latest technology solutions for enabling services of the future during next week's CES.

                  Future Home

                  Multi-gigabit?broadband?home getaways with high-performance,?whole-home Wi-Fi?are just the first?steps?for creating?the?smart?connected?home.?With the introduction of Wi-Fi 6 capable devices we are now going one step further and accelerating the huge performance gains of Wi-Fi 6 with the introduction of the new 6GHz spectrum potential expected later this year. This new capability will be called Wi-Fi 6E and will ensure the 4x speed boost and scheduled lower latency services are enjoyed by consumers in 2021 Wi-Fi solution offerings.

                  Wireless connectivity?needs?lower latency to support time-sensitive?applications like ultimate gaming and VR/AR immersion. It also needs?secure?deterministic?connectivity?to?provide the platform for new?home?services that?drive new?business?opportunities and?new levels of?engagement with subscribers. At CES 2020 we will?feature demonstrations that show the real potential of Wi-Fi 6E that include:?

                  • Low-latency and deterministic Wi-Fi?6E services
                  • 6GHz?Wi-Fi 6E for?backbone?connectivity?and the new home wireless backbone?
                  • 6GHz Wi-Fi 6E capable STB for improved video?QoS and future platform for high capacity 4K, 8K and VR services?
                  • Container-based gateway apps showing a new Software Delivery Platform paradigm for easy addition of new services to the home
                  • HomeAssure?V3?cloud managed mesh Wi-Fi solution?and ML based analytics services management of the home?
                  • CBRS & 5G Fixed Wireless Access Gateways showing new paradigms in self install?

                  Future Entertainment

                  The Smart Media Device enables new voice-visual and aggregated media services for improving subscriber engagement. Leveraging the operator’s position as the primary HDMI connection to the main screen, we can employ advanced platforms like RDK and Android TV to create next-generation user experiences. Featured demonstrations include:?

                  • Voice-visual services enabled by Smart Media Devices
                  • Advanced video set-tops using next generation video platforms such as RDK and Android TV

                  Future Connectivity

                  Public wireless and Wi-Fi networks will form the backbone of Enterprise and Smart City networks. We’ll share new methodologies for developing managed services on top of existing and future wireless networks that leverage breakthrough CommScope technologies and our expertise in network design, system integration, and management. Featured demonstrations include:?

                  • Smart Poles with LTE, IOT, CBRS, and Wi-Fi convergence
                  • Targeted Advertising
                  • Ruckus IoT suite & Outdoor APs
                  • Vertical-specific solutions:
                    • Hospitality IoT solutions
                    • Venue high density wireless
                    • Video streaming for Schools

                  Future Video Platforms

                  These new platforms address the growing demand for streaming IP video as well as new methods for generating ROI using targeted ads and personalized content. These tools can create new revenue opportunities while evolving consumer experiences across apps and ads on video set-tops and OTT devices.?

                  • Targeted advertising and alternative content– featuring zone-based ads and emergency alert broadcast to set-tops, tablets, and OTT devices
                  • Personal channels – individualized on-demand channels with targeted ads

                  ? Contact us at here to request a meeting. We look forward to seeing you at CES!

                  About the Author

                  Charles Cheevers

                  Charles Cheevers is Chief Technologist of CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment) Solutions at CommScope. He’s responsible for the two- to five-year technology vision of CommScope’s CPE business. In this role, he defines new home architectures for CPE devices and cloud-to-ground solutions as well as the evolution of CommScope’s home gateways, set-tops, and connected home solutions.

                  In his more than 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Cheevers has been responsible for bringing to market a range of technologies — including DVB, DOCSIS, DSL, PON Network and CPE Video Voice and Broadband solutions. Over the last six years, Mr. Cheevers has focused on delivering the next generation of connectivity and technology-driven user experiences to the home. As a result, he’s played a key role in pioneering major trends in Wi-Fi?, IoT, IP video, TV experience and set-top technology, and most recently AI-driven smart solutions, with the debut of CommScope’s Smart Media Device.?

                  Mr. Cheevers and his team have also been creating new home platforms for many of the world’s leading service providers. With the emergence of new Wireless convergence solutions in both unlicensed and licensed bands — from 1 to 100GHz — Mr. Cheevers and the CommScope CTO office have been innovating new architectures for consumer and home wireless convergence across Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G.

                  Mr. Cheevers joined CommScope through its acquisition of ARRIS, where he served as Chief Technology officer of CPE Solutions from 2012 to 2019. He joined ARRIS in 2003 via acquisition of Com21 Inc and was VP Engineering of ARRIS Cadant? C3? CMTS and D5? EdgeQAM products. In 2006, he was appointed as Chief Technology Officer of Europe, a position he held concurrently to being GM for the ARRIS Edge QAM business from 2008 to 2010.

                  Prior to his tenure at ARRIS, Mr. Cheevers was VP of Engineering and an Officer of Com21 Inc and held senior management positions for Apple Inc.

                  Mr. Cheevers has served on the board of the Open Connectivity Foundation, one of the leading IoT standards initiatives, served on the SCTE organizing committee for 2018 and 2019 and is a recipient of the 2006 and 2011 Cable and Satellite Euro50 award for his contributions to cable technology.

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