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                  Networks can complicate your business

                  PartnerPRO CustomerThe right partners make it simple and effective

                  As network technology grows more complex, many operators and administrators are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. You want to make every investment a smart investment, so you need to find the right partners — those who understand the challenges you face.

                  PartnerPRO? is CommScope's exclusive global network of experts who know our solutions as well as we do — and share our commitment to supporting your network. Our consultants, integrators, installers, distributors and industry alliances deliver the consistent global expertise you've come to expect from CommScope.

                  Your network benefits from:

                  • State-of-the-art solutions that can keep you ahead of the technology curve
                  • Clear upgrade paths that can minimize CAPEX and OPEX
                  • More uptime and increased network reliability
                  • Global consistency of service and fast, certified installations
                  • CommScope warranty protection
                  • Greater network security, stability and efficiency for confident peace of mind

                  This global network, combined with our world-class solutions, helps you deploy faster, improve network performance, minimize costs and enjoy superior warranty protection.

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