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                  Indoor C-RAN small cell

                  OneCell? expands indoor wireless potential for LTE and prepares the way for 5G

                  OneCell enables mobile network operators to meet the growing demand for reliable LTE service where it matters most—indoors—and easily transition to 5G services when they’re ready. The innovative cloud-RAN small cell architecture creates a single intelligent “super” cell inside commercial buildings and public spaces. No individual cell borders means no handovers or interference, just high-capacity, ultra-low latency performance. OneCell deploys over standard Ethernet LANs. With OneCell, wireless operators can now meet the soaring demand for mobile data—now and in the future—while offloading traffic from their macro networks.


                  OneCell indoor C-RAN system diagram


                  OneCell components

                  Baseband controller

                  The baseband controller is responsible for performing all baseband processing and scheduling, and coordinates the transmitter and receiver functions across all Radio Points. By pooling all baseband processing and employing cell virtualization technology, it creates a single physical cell that delivers multi-sector throughput—transmit and receive—without border handovers or interference.

                  Radio Points

                  Radio points transmit and receive radio frequency (RF) signals over the air and perform some layer-1 baseband processing. This edge intelligence enables advanced features such as cell virtualization, joint transmit/receive and user location awareness for emergency services. Operators can choose from two radio point solutions, both are available in indoor and rugged-form factors.

                  RP2000 Series is a highly compact, single-carrier, single-frequency solution. The frequency is software-selectable, enabling the operator to change frequency bands without touching the hardware.

                  RP5000 Series is a multi-carrier, multi-channel solution that supports up to four frequency bands simultaneously. It incorporates programmable logic, allowing operators deploy their LTE services today and support future modulation schemes such as 5G NR—via software upgrade.

                  Ethernet cabling and switches

                  OneCell operates on standard Gigabit Ethernet links and off-the-shelf Ethernet switches. As a turnkey partner, CommScope can provide all the cabling, switching and connectivity needed. This enables operators to streamline ordering, deployment and project management, saving time and money.

                  Device Management System (DMS)

                  The DMS enables automated provisioning and on-going support for the OneCell solution. The DMS features an its easy-to-use dashboard and can automatically configure over 100 key network and RF parameters. Its scalable architecture is capable of supporting thousands of devices.

                  Features and benefits:

                  • User-centric design: Optimizes performance based on user behaviors instead of space requirements
                  • Edge intelligence: Responds to changes in user location and behavior to support value-added services
                  • Ethernet fronthaul: Deploys as easily as Wi-Fi,? using standard Ethernet cabling/switches to eliminate complex configuration and radio frequency planning
                  • Programmable radios: Migrates from LTE to 5G NR, CBRS and more—with a simple software upgrade
                  • Cell virtualization: Allows frequency sharing among users that multiplies system capacity
                  • Macro-/core-network friendly: Streamlines interfaces for better performance, easier deployment
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