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                  Software Updates

                  RET Controller Software and Antenna Definition Files

                  View versions and download the latest RET controller software and firmware, quickly access installation information, and download operation guidelines. Following the software information, customers can download antenna definition files that are required for RET controllers to achieve accurate configurations and communication with antennas in an RET system.

                  If you have questions, CommScope's Customer Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with all technical related inquiries.

                  USA Toll Free Call: +1-800-255-1479, Option 1

                  International Call: +1-779-435-6500, Option 1

                  Product Description Software/Firmware
                  Version (Release Date)
                  ATC200-LITE-USB Portable Controller
                  (requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher)
                  9.3 (11/27/2019)
                  ATC300-1000/2000 Rack Mount Controller 2.38_A (9/29/2014)
                  ATM200-002 (before 2008) Actuator 90c.79
                  ATM200-002 (since Jan. 2008) Actuator 2.0.20

                  ATC200-LITE-USB Supporting Software

                  The E-ATM300 Field Configuration Tool is required for applications where E-ATM300 actuators will be managed using an ATC200-LITE-USB controller.

                  ATC300-1000/2000 Rack Mount Controller

                  • ATC300-1000 Bundle (includes controller and actuator firmware; plus the latest antenna definition file)

                  Antenna definition files are required for RET controllers to achieve accurate configurations and communication with antennas in a RET system. This file tells the RET system the tilt range for a given antenna and enables the system to set the tilt angle for the antenna. CommScope provides the most up-to-date antenna definition files for our RET compatible antennas to be managed in the RET systems shown below. It is highly important to download and use the latest antenna definition file to ensure quality electrical tilt adjustment results.

                  PLEASE NOTE: The antenna definition file is included with download bundles for rack mount controllers.

                  The latest antenna definition file version is _067, as of 04/02/18.

                  Antenna Definition File For using ATC200-LITE-USB controller with CommScope RET capable antennas
                  ASCU File | 04/02/18
                    AR1T File | 04/02/18
                  Self-Extracting Antenna Definition File Self-extracting file for using ATC200-LITE-USB controller with CommScope RET capable antennas
                    MSI File | 04/02/18
                    MSI File | 04/02/18
                  Ericsson For using a Ericsson controller with CommScope RET capable antennas
                  Huawei For using a Huawei controller with CommScope RET capable antennas
                  Kathrein For using a Kathrein controller with CommScope RET capable antennas
                  Nokia RealTilt For using Nokia RealTilt (AISG 1.1) controller with CommScope RET capable antennas (If an antenna cannot be found in this file, please contact us at www.zhuitian.icu/wisupport.
                  Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Flexi BTS For using NSN Flexi BTS (AISG 2.0 / 3GPP) controller with CommScope RET capable antennas

                  Using RET Actuators with OEM Base Station Embedded Controllers


                  Additional software update files

                  Antenna Sharing Hub Configuration Tool
                  PC tool that allows the operator to build configurations for the antenna sharing hub product.
                  The latest file version is:  v.11 (5/9/2019)


                  Dehydrator Models MT050C and MT500D Firmware Update
                  This file provides installation instructions and firmware update to version 3.0 for MT050C and MT500D dehydrator models

                  Download MT Series Update