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                  Access Terminals and Drops Solutions

                  A wealth of choices at the speed of plug-and-play

                  Speed of network deployment and new service subscriptions are a critical part in sustaining competitive advantage and customer satisfaction for FTTH providers. To maximize speed and agility, one must maximize labor productivity and be ready to quickly adapt to the unique needs of each network requirement.

                  After listening carefully to our customers, we have created the industry’s most versatile access terminals portfolio where speed, density and flexibility meet the needs of tomorrow. CommScope’s fiber access terminals portfolio uniquely offers a hardened connector option ideal for high density and smaller footprints and innovative fiber indexing technique, all backed by proven environmental protection.


                  • Easier installation and testing
                  • Quick access during troubleshooting or maintenance
                  • High reliability and performance
                  • Smaller connectors that increase density
                  • Flexibility to meet the needs of any FTTx application

                  We know network solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Leveraging our network expertise and diverse solutions, we collaborate with our customers to ensure the optimal design and blend of technologies for each specific application. From solution architects to field application engineers, we provide best-practice advice and real world information on technology pros and cons to help service providers to select, design and build the always-on networks of tomorrow.

                  Let’s shape the future together.

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