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                  Government Networking & Security Solutions

                  Build a more powerful government network with less

                  At CommScope, we understand your need to squeeze every ounce of network performance from a tight budget. That's why we offer secure, intelligent, cost-effective solutions that are scalable to future applications.

                  Our copper, fiber and hybrid cabling establishes a solid foundation for your network—whether it’s a building, data center or campus. Our fiber-optic solutions deliver optimal bandwidth and lightning-fast data transfer speeds while providing an elegant migration to faster, more complex applications. Classified networks are safeguarded using color-coded connections to maximize security.

                  To help your government agency run more efficiently, imVision? automated infrastructure management (AIM) helps you manage your infrastructure the same way you manage your network—simply and easily.

                  We also produce innovative wireless solutions for broadband and long-haul networks, university campuses and buildings. Whether you're creating a network for a single strategic property or an entire base, we have the technology and expertise to help you build it right the first time.?

                  For more than 30 years, we’ve provided smart, reliable network technology to governments and military across the world. We have an impressive collection of global PartnerPRO? Network installers, integrators and distribution partners ready to help you design efficient networks and find the appropriate contract vehicle to ensure your projects are built to your preferred specifications.

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