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                  Service Provider Data Centers

                  Prepare your data center for higher bandwidth

                  Whether you’re building a new data center or combining traditional data center and central office functions in a single facility, your physical layer infrastructure must be designed to support the rapid growth in bandwidth. New technologies—such as software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV)—require high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity. So, when you need to expand your bandwidth or upgrade your infrastructure, who can you trust?

                  At CommScope, we understand your need for quality and scalable data center solutions that never let you down. That’s why we work with data center experts, standards bodies and hardware vendors to continually perfect a portfolio of smart, reliable and cost-effective options.

                  For example, CommScope offers a comprehensive portfolio of optical distribution frames?(ODFs), SYSTIMAX??structured cabling solutions and FiberGuide??overhead raceway that speeds deployments and improves data center organization.

                  We also offer automated infrastructure management (AIM) systems that deliver real-time insights into your infrastructure and connectivity, improving efficiency.

                  Discover Service Provider Data Center solutions from ARRIS

                  Learn about the solutions, products and services offered by ARRIS for Service Provider Data Centers.

                  Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)?launch

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